Christina Courtenay Reviews

"Two powerful love stories, a couple of nasty types, Welsh/Celtic history, Viking folklore and a hot archaeologist as the hero - what more could you want? Fabulous!"

Georgia Hill
"I was compelled to read on as I was caught up in the adventure, intrigue and romance of the dual timelines."

Sue Fortin
"Beautifully written and well researched, Echoes of the Runes took me by the hand and led me into a time of danger, passion, and ultimately… love ?"

Jo at @jaffareadstoo
"Wow! This book should come with a warning! It's almost as addictive as chocolate! 5*"

reader review
"A dual narrative… enhanced by elements of magical realism so plausible and engaging, this book will leave you breathless. Enthralling and romantic."

Sandy Barker
"Wow!! I just loved this book. It felt like I was taken back to the Viking era. I want my own Viking!!"

"Addictive! You always know you're going to get a good read from Ms Courtenay, but I reckon this is one of her best."

Alison Morton
"Two seamlessly interwoven love stories for the price of one! From the times of the Vikings to modern day London, Christina Courtenay's master class of spine tingling timeslip is as sparklingly authentic - and page-turning - as ever."

Maggie Sullivan
"I found myself holding my breath as this wonderful tale unfolded. If you like an intriguing and compelling dual-time historical novel, look no further…"

Su L
"Writing a timeslip story which keeps you engrossed in both the ancient and modern story isn't easy but I'm pleased to say Echoes of the Runes is one of the best I've read for a long time."

Jean Fullerton
"A well-developed plot and very likeable protagonists… add to this not one but two love stories and this reader is a very, very happy person!"

Discovering Diamonds: Historical Fiction Reviews
"I loved it! Every twist and turn of the drama. I felt I was living on that Viking settlement. A fabulous adventure, with characters I loved!"

Jo Thomas
"The entwined stories… unfold beautifully with so many intriguing links between the two… It's completely magical!"

Nicola Cornick
"I actually dreamed about the characters. A rich, dual-timeline story that totally drew me in."

Sue Moorcroft
"Christina Courtenay weaves the threads of her contemporary and Viking love stories together expertly and the novel moves along at a cracking pace. The characters are appealing and the rural Swedish setting is engaging."

Judith Lennox
"A Viking delight! Definitely a book where you can lose yourself in the story and imagine yourself in the two heroines' shoes. Next book please…"

"A wonderful story rich in Viking history, modern day intrigue, adventure and romance. Highly recommended!"

Glynis Peters
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